New York dad creates unforgettable prom night

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17-year-old Tori Perl is getting ready to graduate from Batavia High School in New York.

Perl has autism and her family says she is nothing short of a daddy’s girl according to WUSA.

“I couldn’t believe how beautiful she was when she came out with her dress on and her hair all done up “

“Every morning when we wake up pretty much every morning her and I are up about the same time real early in the morning first thing she does is come out and give me a big kiss and a hug,” said her father Thomas Perl.

With her high school senior prom approaching her parents were worried that Tori Perl wouldn’t go because she didn’t have a date.

“I was sitting in my bed the one night and my wife just started crying, I don’t want Tori to miss prom and I don’t want her to go with just her friends cause it’s just not the same, you’ve got to have a date” said Thomas Perl.

He began searching to find someone to take her to the dance but he had a better idea.

“I thought hey if the school lets me do this, I’ll go with her” he said.

Batavia High School has a policy that no one over the age of 20 could attend prom. However, Tori Perl asked her vice principal for special permission to bring her father and it was granted.

“I made an appointment for her to have her hair done and we ordered flowers,” said Tori’s mother Anna Perl.

Thomas Perl didn’t go to his senior prom but he brought out his old tuxedo to experience it for the first time with his daughter.

“I couldn’t believe how beautiful she was when she came out with her dress on and her hair all done up ” he said.

Tori Perl danced the night away with her number one man.

“Tori kept telling me all night, dad I’m so glad you’re here, I’m so glad you came with me,” he said. “This is so much fun.”


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