Law student whose wheelchair crowd surfing went viral says the incredible moment made him believe ‘you can achieve anything’

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A law student who was lifted in his wheelchair above the crowds at a heavy metal concert in Spain has spoken of the ‘incredible’ rush of living through the moment that made what many are calling the photo of the year.

“You feel as if you were God”

The powerful image of Alex Dominguez, 19, flying high, as crowds lift him in his wheelchair at the Resurrection Fest in north-western Spain, has been celebrated as a symbol of inclusiveness in action.

After being propelled into the limelight the 19-year-old has described, in an interview with the Spanish edition of the Huffington Post, how it felt to live in that moment according to the Daily Mail.

‘It was a rush of energy, adrenaline, excitement, joy, happiness. A dream come true I had this idea for a long time to see my favorite groups from up there,’ he said.

‘You feel as if you were God ‘

Images of the teen, who has cerebral palsy, at the heavy metal festival held in Vivero (Galicia) went gone viral across social media and in news outlets across the world, this week.

The images show him in his musical element, sitting in his wheelchair, hands high in the air, as dozens hold him up during Swedish band Arch Enemy’s set.

One photograph, taken by event photographer Daniel Cruz, has been labelled the photo of the summer and has prompted others to share their own images of the touching moment online.

He told Spanish media outlet LaSexta, he couldn’t let the moment go unrecorded.

‘I got on the fence running and I saw that the people were carrying Alex, it was an immediate reaction, to take the camera and take the picture.’

Arch Enemy also captured the moment from their perspective on stage and shared a video of what it described as an ‘incredible’ gesture by its ‘awesome’ fans.

‘The Arch Enemy legions just being awesome as usual at @ResurrectionESP in Spain a couple of days ago,’ the band tweeted.

Alex Rodriguez’ mother, Belén, thanked his fellow festival goers their kindness in making her son feel a part of the crowd.

A second year law student at the University of La Rioja, Mr Rodriguez, is a lover of rock and heavy metal, though he listens to all types of music.

Ms Rodriguez said being a part of the concert was a dream for her son, who had organised the trip, booked the hotel and prepared everything he needed to attend the festival and was already looking forward to the next one.

‘He’s a fighter like everyone. He makes his mark and since he was little he has been in the sandbox, on the swings.’

People on social media have praised the actions of the festival goers for helping a man with a disability feel a part of the festivities like everyone else.

‘It’s great that, although some see difficulties, others see solutions and joys like that,’ a young woman tweeted.

‘Thanks to all those people who made Alex fulfill a dream … Let’s educate humanity’, added another.

Alex Rodriguez hoped his image would become an example to other people like him that there need not be any limits to where they went and what they could do.

‘I want to serve as an example so that other people like me, in a wheelchair, will be encouraged to go to festivals and concerts … and to fly through the air.

‘Because we are disabled does not mean we can not go. ‘


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