Grieving dog finds joy mothering abandoned kittens

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A grieving dog who lost her puppies finds happiness again by taking in and mothering abandoned kittens.

Emily Barton, the owner of Sweetz Brew in Gilbert, Arizona shared on Instagram about how her Frenchie, Darla, sadly gave birth to stillborn puppies according to FOX 7.

Barton said Darla went into labor last week only to birth two stillborn puppies and then have a third surgically removed. This caused Darla to become visibly depressed, which Barton says was heartbreaking to watch.

After unsuccessful attempts to cheer Darla up, Barton said she learned of a baby kitten that was abandoned. She brought the kitten home, and Darla immediately jumped into mom mode giving it nothing but love!

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Ok so I have debated on sharing this on my business page, BUT I know we still have so many customers who have known our animals so here we go! ALSO IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO SUPPORT PLEASE SCROLL ON!! So last Monday Darla went into labor with her second litter of frenchie pups, anyone that knows Darla, knows that she is an AMAZING mother! I feel like in many ways, a mother is her calling. Well on Monday late afternoon Darla went into labor and had her first pup, it was a stillborn. I was heartbroken for her as I watched her try to revive this poor pup for hours on end, all while refusing to push the next one out. She then had the second a few hours later who again, was also stillborn. I watched as Darla sat in the corner of the bathroom, sad and very depressed. Needless to say she did not get the final, third, pup out until she had to have surgery to remove the pup. I have tried to find ways to make her happy since and nothing has helped. I had told anyone that asked what they could do that a furry creature may help😂 Low and behold a baby kitten was abandoned yesterday, so we raced to desert ridge to get the kitten. I was nervous BUT Darla only wanted to love this kitty. Truly awesome! We thought our problem was solved, when another kitten was abandoned but even smaller. So we agreed to take him in and scroll to the right and see how it’s going for yourself👉🏻👉🏻 Holy cow we are blessed and our hearts are FULL!!💕💕

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The experience with the first kitten went so well, Barton agreed to take in another abandoned kitten, who Darla is also mothering.

Barton says she plans to keep the kittens until they are grown and weened off of Darla’s milk before finding them a good home.


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