Deaf toddler hears her mom say ‘I love you’ for first time

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A’Deja Rivers is almost two years old.

She has been deaf since birth according to WFTS. Her father and sister also have impaired hearing.

Older sister Jalen had success with cochlear implants and now A’Deja is trying them, too.

“I love you.”

The big day came at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg. The family traveled there from their home in Arcadia.

“It’s so exciting,” said A’Deja’s mom Patricia.

Following the implant procedure, A’Deja heard her family’s voices for the first time. The toddler’s grandparents were also there.

Watch the story: Deaf toddler hears her mom say ‘I love you’ for first time after getting cochlear implants

“This moment never gets old,” said audiologist Shelly Ash. “It’s always so moving.”

Cochlear implant technology has accelerated over the years. Now the technology can even be linked via Bluetooth.

Kids have different reactions to hearing sound for the first time.

“When we first start out, we’re introducing very soft levels of electrical current,” said Shelly Ash. “It just sounds to her like ‘beep, beep, beep.’”

A’Deja Rivers

For A’Deja, she was neither happy or scared. She was simply… amazed.

Her eyes widen and her jaw dropped.

She realized what it was: sound.

And she turned her head when her mother said those three magic words.

“I love you.”


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