Couple gets married in their 100’s

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Love knows no age. This week, two Centenarians tied the knot.

“I liked John and he liked me and we just kind of fell in love with each other,” explains Phyllis cook. She and John Cook met at Kingston Assisted Living in Toledo, Ohio. John, a Veteran and artist, is 100 years old. Phyllis is 102, with a birthday in August.

“I’ll tell ya right now, I’m young when I get in bed at night! I want somebody there.”

They just clicked among other things according to WKYC.

“He is not completely dead sexually and neither am I and I just don’t believe in hopping in bed with a man as a Christian unless you’re married,” said Phyllis.

She said she raised her five daughters on Christian values and needed to continue to set the right example.

“So he says ‘alright, if that’s the way you want it, that’s the way we’ll have it.’ And so that’s the way we wanted it,” recalled Phyllis about her conversation with John about getting married.

So they went to the courthouse and got married on the spot. The happy couple enjoys playing bingo together and just sitting with one another. Now they can do more than that.

“I’ll tell ya right now, I’m young when I get in bed at night! I want somebody there,” said Phyllis.

Both Phyllis and John had two previous marriages in which their spouses died.

Phyllis said she has good genes. Her mother lived until 106 years old!


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