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North Carolina teen, Ny’Quasia Brown, lives her life by her three P’s.

Prayer, Prioritize and then Prosper.

Those three P’s likely led the 16-year-old White Oak High School student to land more than $1.5 million in college scholarships.

Brown is set to graduate from her Jacksonville, N.C. high school after just three years. Through it all she has been able to maintain straight A’s while simultaneously playing basketball and working two jobs.

Graduating high school and being accepted to college is a major achievement for anyone, but it is even more special for St. Cloud, Florida resident Faith Duncan.

Faith – a lovable teenager with an infectious, ambitious attitude – was diagnosed with Down syndrome when she was born. Graduating high school came with far more challenges than it did for her peers, but like her first name suggests, Faith and her parents never lost faith that she would succeed and graduate with plans for college.

“We knew she could do it,” said Duncan’s father, Mike. “We always knew she had it in her.”

Graduation season is here and students everywhere are sharing photos of their milestone moments, but one father-daughter duo’s celebratory shots are making their way through social media again — thanks to an internet-breaking throwback photograph.

19-year-old Tori Roach shared a sweet picture on Twitter of her big day in May 2018 as she graduated from Huntsville High School in Texas, and used the opportunity to honor her father. In a throwback picture, the little girl is shown as a baby in her father’s arm as he celebrated his own graduation from the same school in a green cap and gown.

As Sally Burky started planning her wedding, she realized she wanted to add something unique to the ceremony.

Like many brides-to-be, she went to Pinterest for some inspiration.

“I was searching different options other than bouquets and puppies popped up on Pinterest. I thought how neat it would be to not only have puppies, but adolescent, and senior dogs as well!” Burky told PEOPLE magazine.

A South Carolina father decided to take his lunch break and returned a multimillionaire in a North Carolina lottery.

James Belich picked up a lottery ticket while on his midday break, scratched it in the store and discovered he’d won $10 million, according to North Carolina Education Lottery.

“You never expect it,” Belich told lottery officials. “You think maybe you’ll win something, but not $10 million. It’s unbelievable.”

When the yearbook ends at Marjory Stoneman Douglas for students and staff, 14 toothy, goofy, friends for life stick out. They sit in two rows. Perfect pups. Their names, listed just like students at a school that has endured so much.

Adviser Sarah Lerner, rising editor-in-chief Caitlynn Tibbetts, and the rest of the yearbook staff at the high school in Parkland, Florida, including the therapy dogs in this year’s edition perfectly encapsulated the difficult but rewarding challenge of creating the book in the wake of a campus shooting that shook the tight-knit community.

A team of firefighters in North Carolina went above and beyond the call of duty after they saw an elderly woman struggling to mow her lawn.

Four firefighters with the Concord Fire Department were repairing hydrants in the woman’s neighborhood on Friday when they noticed she needed some assistance, FOX 46 reported.

They immediately dropped their wrenches and stepped in to help her.

Frank Baez was a teenager when he started working as a janitor at New York University’s Langone Tisch Hospital, cleaning patient rooms, bathrooms and hallways.

On Monday, Baez, now 29, graduated with a nursing degree from the same institution where he started as a janitor.

“I could barely speak English at the time when I started working at NYU,” said Baez, who moved to New York from the Dominican Republic with his mom at age 15. “Now I reflect on it and I feel very proud of how much I accomplished.”

A Utah woman is hepatitis free after getting a piece of her son’s liver in a lifesaving transplant.

“I feel like we are gaining ground every day. Starting to hope and dream and thinking about the future,” Gwen Finlayson told CNN affiliate KTVX.

The 63-year-old mother of four was diagnosed in 1991 with autoimmune hepatitis, which is caused by the body’s immune system turning against the liver cells. Doctors warned that she would need a liver transplant in a few years, but she was able to stretch that to more than two decades.

Hospitals can be a scary place for anyone, but especially for kids. Huntsville Hospital, in Huntsville, Alabama has child life specialists whose sole job is to help the children there beyond their medical needs. Making a trip to the hospital, not only bearable but even fun.

The hospital waiting room is more like a game room with interactive games projected onto the floor for kids to play with while they wait in the emergency room.