Man with Down syndrome becomes first to win major entrepreneurs’ award

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John Cronin, 23, co-founder and “Chief Happiness Officer” of John’s Crazy Socks, just won an Entrepreneur Of The Year award and celebrated his huge achievement on “The Story with Martha MacCallum.”

He’s the first businessman with Down syndrome to win the Entrepreneur Of The Year 2019 New York award.

“We are showing the world what we can do.”

“I am,” he exclaimed about his multi-hyphenate role: entrepreneur, philanthropist, and businessman.

His company sells socks and greeting cards, and most recently debuted patriotic socks. “I am wearing them right now,” he shouted about the socks he was wearing on the show.


He said he went into the business because he wanted to work with his father, Mark, who appeared on the show with him. “I wanted to make crazy socks,” John said.

John’s Crazy Socks, according to its website, earned $1.7 million in revenue in its first full year in business, and expanded to $5.5 million in revenue in its second year.

“It’s not just the selling part,” his father added about their mission. “We are showing the world what we can do.”


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