Couple drives food truck from Florida to Dayton to help tornado victims

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A Florida couple, seeing the damage tornadoes left in the Dayton area last month, packed up their food truck business and came to the rescue.

“The feeling alone from the hugs and talking to people…” Susan Peoples explained over the phone about her motivation. “I wanted to be a hugger, and so I prayed all the way here. I just want to share my love.”

“We stepped out on faith. Stan, let’s go.”

According to FOX45, Susan People and her husband, Stanley, are the owners of Florida-based Beach Brothers BBQ in Cape Coral. Stanley is from the Dayton area.

“We stepped out on faith,” Susan said. “I said, ‘Stan, let’s go.'”

They drove from Cape Coral to Dayton, leaving for the trip Sunday night. Peoples said the drive took them 24 hours between weather, closed roads, and damage. They asked for donations in Florida and brought them in tow to find even more donations in Ohio.

People said they brought nine plastic tubs of clothing and some food. Volunteers have been donating more food here. She said they have been able to hand out at least 225 to-go boxes full of BBQ meat, beans, coleslaw and sides, and at least 280 pulled pork sandwiches a day.

Watch the video: Couple drives food truck from Florida to Dayton to help tornado victims

“Between food, money, and volunteers it’s been overwhelming,” Peoples said.

The couple owned the Beach Brothers BBQ restaurant in Cape Coral up until they closed, and went mobile in November 2018.

“This was all on faith,” People’s repeated. “We closed the restaurant, so we’re paying back bills. We’re not wealthy, and this has always been a dream.”

Since closing, the couple has been operating their business out of their food truck, popping up at plazas and parking lots, and catering events around Southwest Florida.

But taking their dream to lend a helping hand found them seeing damage close to home. Stanley’s cousin’s home is condemned, losing its roof to the tornadoes. Even with that, their mission continues.

Susan said they’ve been handing out food at different locations throughout the Dayton area. Wednesday, they will be set up outside Groceryland on Troy St., in Old North Dayton. Thursday, they will be outside Stebbins High School in Riverside from 1pm-4pm.

“It’s a really good feeling to help people,” Peoples said. “I’m not trying to get rich. If it helps one person out there, I did my part.”



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