An elderly veteran was living in squalor until an Uber driver stepped in to help

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Lauren Mulvihill did not know what to expect when she was called to the hospital for an Uber pick up.

According to FOX Carolina, 89-year-old Ronald Dembner had just been discharged from the hospital with no one to take him home.

Last week, Mulvihill drove Dembner from the hospital in Henry County, Georgia, to his home and helped him inside. When she saw the terrible condition of his home, she knew she needed to help.

“Food is my talent so whenever people need food, I’ll cook.”

Dembner, who Mulvihill calls Mr. Ronald, is a widower and veteran who now lives alone with his dog King. He has no living family. Mulvihill said that Dembner had not called someone to help clean his house out of fear they would take it away from him.

The veteran has been living in squalor. Dembner has his wits about him, but he has a hard time getting around, cleaning the house and picking up after his dog.

Mulvihill knew she couldn’t clean up the house herself. That’s when the single mom went to Facebook to call for help. The response was overwhelming.

Dozens of volunteers came forward and began to clean and help strip apart the house. In just a week’s time, they have already removed all of the garbage, the old furniture and the old carpet.

The next step is painting the walls and putting in new floor. They’re also trying to get someone to come fix the mold situation, Mulvihill says the work can be at lot at times but she tries to work one room at a time.

The public Facebook group, Helping Mr. Ronald, now has over 800 members.

Shaquin Thomas is one of those members. She decided she wanted to spend her birthday, on Thursday, completing acts of kindness — Mr. Ronald’s home was her first stop.

Thomas owns a catering company in the area and saw the Facebook posts asking people to bring Dembner food.

“Food is my talent so whenever people need food, I’ll cook,” Thomas told CNN.


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